Twint - Twitter Intelligence Tool

Twint is an advanced Twitter scraping tool written in Python that allows for scraping Tweets from Twitter profiles without using Twitter's API. Twint utilizes Twitter's search operators to let you scrape Tweets from specific users, scrape Tweets relating to certain topics, hashtags & trends, or sort out sensitive information from Tweets like e-mail and phone numbers. I find this very useful, and you can get really creative with it too.  You can install Twint in three ways. Which one to use is up to your needs, if you don't know which one to use, running pip3 install twint is suggested.

 git clone pip3 install -r requirements.txt pip3 install twint

  • twint -u username- Scrape all the Tweets from user's timeline.

  • twint -u username -s pineapple- Scrape all Tweets from the user's timeline containing pineapple.

  • twint -s pineapple- Collect every Tweet containing pineapplefrom everyone's Tweets.

  • twint -u username --year 2019- Collect Tweets that were tweeted before 2019.

  • twint -u username --since 2018-12-20- Collect Tweets that were tweeted since 2018-12-20.

  • twint -u username -o file.txt- Scrape Tweets and save to file.txt.

  • twint -u username -o file.csv --csv- Scrape Tweets and save as a csv file.

  • twint -u username --email --phone- Show Tweets that might have phone numbers or email addresses.

  • twint -s "John Cohen" --verified- Display Tweets by verified users that Tweeted about John Cohen.

  • twint -g="48.880048,2.385939,1km" -o file.csv --csv- Scrape Tweets from a radiusof 1km around a place in Paris and export them to a csv file.

  • twint -u username -es localhost:9200- Output Tweets to Elasticsearch

  • twint -u username -o file.json --json- Scrape Tweets and save as a json file.

  • twint -u username --database tweets.db- Save Tweets to a SQLite database.

  • twint -u username --followers- Scrape a Twitter user's followers.

  • twint -u username --following- Scrape who a Twitter user follows.

  • twint -u username --favorites- Collect all the Tweets a user has favorited.

  • twint -u username --following --user-full- Collect full user information a person follows

  • twint -u username --profile-full- Use a slow, but effective method to gather Tweets from a user's profile (Gathers ~3200 Tweets, Including Retweets).

  • twint -u username --retweets- Use a quick method to gather the last 900 Tweets (that includes retweets) from a user's profile.

  • twint -u username --resume 10940389583058- Resume a search starting from the specified Tweet ID.

More detail about the commands and options are located in the wiki