Background Checks

Dear recruits,I would like to introduce you to Reichmann Asset Management. The company is dedicated to internal or external employee audits and offers solutions from hiring to termination of the employment contract - from hire to fire. Our controls on the experience of future associates help you grow with the right people in the desired positions. Our work can alleviate the risk of employing inappropriate people so that Dumneavaostra's business is protected.

The business and success of our clients is our success, and in this way we want to grow together, providing adequate solutions to the handling of human capital. We have online tools that manage the entire process of checking future employees, and our customers can see in real-time the status of all screenings, but most importantly, they can find documentation / proof of their employees' experience. The HR department can monitor our comments online on the experience of future associates, and at the end of the entire control process they will be sure to make the right decision to engage the person with the conduct, attitude and experience required for the open position.

We also request feedback from the former employer, checking for professionalism. By accessing our tool, employers can see a report that contains the evidence of our investigation, and in this pdf you will find attachments of employee documents that prove the experience / education they actually had. The document can also be used to hire a person from abroad or from other countries (non-EU or non-US) under EU / US law.

For more details, you can contact me at +40.771.232.116 or you can visit our website

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