Hello and welcome!

This blog came about out of a desire to give readers the opportunity to know those hotels or accommodation units that are dedicated families who have children who suffer from allergies to mold, and fungi mites etc. Unlike the rest of the healthy customers, we when we travel, we are obliged to stay in hotels, where there is no trace of mold, fungi or anything else that causes allergies. from Unfortunately, there are also places on the net that seem to be ok, they have good ratings Google, but when you stay, you can only stay a few minutes in that hotel room. For all who need real control of the quality of these accommodation units, this blog is dedicated to you!

I will try to post regularly where I go, so that you have one another opinion when you make the decision to stay. The good part of these conditions, is that it provides a status quo that cannot be changed by different marketing tricks. I'm waiting for your opinions on Facebook page of the blog. I hope you enjoy!