Why use our services

storageExtended Databases Access

Being a company licensed by the General Inspectorate of Police Romanes, we have extensive access to various databases. Our company has access to various financial, commercial, legal and global software in accordance with the requirements of our customers.

assessmentCyber Intelligence

Smart Investigations has innovative tools and methodologies to handle meta-data management. We also specialised in discovery useful information to our customers and mapping potential sources of interest.


High-level analytical and research skills are at the center every solid intelligence project. The Smart Investigations team uses creative and innovative thinking to achieve the expected results.

publicLanguages and Cultures

Due to the linguistic experiences and the unique understanding of many cultures, the Smart Investigations team is qualified to operate in: Europe, the Middle East, The former Soviet Union, the United States, and other geographical regions.

groupCustomer Approach

We try to meet our customers so that we solve all their requirements. Most of the time the requests are difficult, however, our ability to extract information from the virtual world as well as the physical one, it helps us to complete our mission.

OSINT Reports

Reports are an important vector for know-how transfers. OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence, which can be accessed by anyone, because they are public information posted to be seen by anyone. Examples of open sources are public pictures on Flickr, Public tweets, or even videos on Youtube.

SMART INVESTIGATIONS offers four kinds of reports:

  • MAP Report

  • Social Media Report

  • IoT Report - research report from 150 databases, in which OSINT information is sought about the investigated subject ==> report used, especially in cases of background screenings

  • Relational Report - in which data about the investigated subject are sought in order to establish / find commercial relations / others between a person of interest / company and third parties.